Apply for Jobs on the Spot using Linkedin Apps

Linkedin has yet again updated its mobile apps on iOS and Android, this time to offer users the ability to apply for jobs directly via Linkedin using their profile as a substitute for a CV.

Once you’ve searched for jobs and applied, Linkedin keeps an archive of applications made, as well as recommending more jobs and enabling you to save the ads to apply for later. The update has not been made to Windows Phone or BlackBerry.

Buyers of job ads will be able to manage applications via the manage jobs tab and while mobile job applications are on offer to all recruiters using Linkedin, they do not have to offer it if another option is preferred by the company.

So-called ‘talent solutions’ accounted for 56.4 per cent of $364m total revenue, reported in Linkedin’s recent Q2 results, with mobile highlighted as a key driver of the company’s 59 per cent year-on-year revenue growth.