APPlyzer relaunches with unlimited ASO data for app developers

Mike Rhodes, Founder and CEO of ConsultMyApp, one of Europe’s leading app marketing agencies, and owner of APPlyzer, says the platform’s relaunch, with unlimited ASO data, is great news for app developers.

Today’s App Economy is crowded and competitive, yet there are 255bn downloads per year and that’s only set to get higher.

The advance of other platforms, ranging from to alternative app stores, turns up the pressure on app developers to tackle a new set of opportunities and challenges. More platforms for apps means more opportunities to reach and engage new audiences and generate new revenues.

But there is a catch. To drive this positive outcome, app companies have to double down on efforts to ensure their app is discovered by audiences genuinely interested in downloading and interacting with it on a frequent basis. It’s ongoing and expensive work in a marketplace where audience segments are fluid, not static.

Simply put, optimizing your app store presence to attract valuable users from the get-go is core to achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage. It’s also an activity that will devour more time and resources than most developers can commit.

In 2023, mastering ASO analytics is essential
In this environment, leveraging ASO data is a must.

But, in a market where many tools are similar, it’s critical to choose tools that are both affordable and innovative.

The vast majority of platforms are pricey, charging complex fees for access to unnecessary data and limiting keyword research until you spend more. It’s a model that effectively limits your keyword set, forcing you to miss out on

In a nutshell, the prevalent pricing model used by most platforms stunts growth for app developers already feeling the pinch.  

Providing easier access to unlimited and uncapped ASO data
A challenging and competitive market demands smart approaches that seek out every opportunity for growth. APPlyzer was designed from the ground up to be real-time and offer real value for money.

To do this, APPlyzer now offers uncapped ASO data. That means no limits on keywords and no limits on an app’s growth potential. It provides App Store, Play Store and Mac Store insights in every country and every language at a price up to 8 times less than many other platforms.

APPlyzer in summary
APPlyzer is built by ASO experts, for ASO experts. After 14 years of experience, we know what really matters in crafting a market-leading ASO strategy, those essential tools are what you’ll find in the platform – and more importantly – that’s all you’ll pay for.

Added to that, we’ve worked hard to keep the costs low on our end without sacrificing quality. Optimizing processes and storage, so that we can offer developers the best price possible.

Visit APPlyzer to learn more about the new features.