appMobi HTML5 Hybrid Apps Hit 100m Opens

Hybrid apps created with appMobis HTML5 tools have broken the 100m milestone for number of opens by mobile users. The appMobi platform enables developers to deploy crossplatform apps from a single code base. The number of active developers using the platform to create HTML5 apps has now hit 50,000, an increase of 500 per cent over the last 12 months.

“We committed to HTML5 way back in 2009 and have worked long and hard to fill in the missing pieces of this emerging development standard, enabling HTML5 to compete on a level playing field with iOS and Android as a mobile platform,” says appMobi CEO Dave Kennedy.  “It is extremely gratifying for us to see tens of thousands of mobile app and game developers flocking to HTML5 and using our development tools to create massively cross platform apps that run on iOS, Android, Facebook and the Open Web. Mobile HTML5 development truly has arrived, and our platform analytics have exposed some encouraging statistics about its growth.” 

appMobi also revealed that the average time to complete development of a HTML5 hybrid app has halved, to eight weeks. 25 per cent of the active developers have built three or more apps on the platform – and the majority of developers deployed their apps on both iOS and Android.