appMobi Launches directCanvas Android Beta

appMobi has launched the public beta of its directCanvas acceleration technology for Android. Announced at San Franciscos GDC12, directCanvas accelerates the screen refresh rates of HTML5 games and apps to more than ten times the speed.

directCanvas also incorporates appMobi’s multiSound API, which augments HTML5’s built-in sound capabilities with low latency sound playback capabilities, and the directBox2D API, which accelerates in-game physics calculations by up to 4,000 percent.

The Android beta follows the open source of the iOS version of directCanvas, in November 2011.

“appMobi is extending the proven game acceleration benefits of directCanvas beyond iOS to the Android platform,” says Sam Abadir, appMobi CTO. “With over 300m devices in the field – and 850,000 new devices every day, – the Android platform dominates iOS in size, yet we have seen very few hit Android games. We intend to change that.”