appMobi Launches PhoneGap XDK Dev Kit

HTML5 development firm appMobi has announced the immediate availability of its new PhoneGap Mobile App XDK (X-platform Development Kit).

The kit fully supports the opensource PhoneGap mobile app development framework, recently recommended by Facebook as the preferred way to create mobile apps for the Facebook Platform, says the company. 

The platform offers a suite of desktop development tools for creating mobile, HTML5, and PhoneGap apps. The PhoneGap XDK includes desktop debugging of mobile apps, emulation of mobile devices, hardware emulation of GPS, camera, contacts, and accelerometer inputs, and remote testing anywhere in the world using a free test container app.

“PhoneGap has developed into a wonderful set of APIs, but a matching IDE [integrated development environment] has really been missing,” says appMobi CTO, Sam Abadir. “Weve brought the PhoneGap community a free development suite that unleashes the capabilities of the PhoneGap APIs so that developers can create amazing apps.

“With the PhoneGap XDK, PhoneGap developers can create cross-platform mobile apps without the need to own and set up complex native tool chains such as XCode for iOS or the Android SDK. This tool dramatically reduces the code-debug cycle time for PhoneGap programmers.” 

PhoneGap XDK is a full IDE with a built-in editor, and also integrates with Adobe DreamWeaver 5.5, NotePad++ or any other popular programming editor. appMobis tools also add payment, push messaging, user analytics and live app updates to the PhoneGap toolset. 

Developers can download the PhoneGap XDK immediately here.