appMobi Launches playMobi Gaming SDK

appMobi has launched the public beta of playMobi. A cross-platform HTML5-based game development, deployment, and monetisation SDK, playMobi provides a JavaScript API (Application Programing Interface) which enables cross-platform development from a single codebase.

“playMobi includes slick in-app purchasing capabilities based on appMobi’s patent-pending 1Touch technology, making the experience very simple and highly secure,” says Sam Abadir, CTO of appMobi. “playMobi leverages the rapidly expanding HTML5 platform, offering game developers the unique ability to ‘write it once’ and deploy the same code to iOS, Android, Facebook, and the open web – fully compliant with each platform’s terms of service.”

The 1Touch in-app payment system automatically completes users purchases using the relevant in-app-purchase backend system for the device. PlayMobi also includes social gaming tools, cloud-based saving, and user analytics.