appMobi Offers Cross-Platform Dev Tools

Cloud-based app services company appMobi has launched a new cross platform app-development tool. 

Called XDK, the new tool is available now in the Google Chrome App Store, and is designed to replace platform-specific development tools with a single HTML5-optimised interface. 

The interface offers emulation, debugging, and cross-platform app building. “Most developers want to create apps that can easily be deployed to different platforms with a minimum of rewriting,” says appMobi CTO, Sam Abadir. “We designed the appMobi XDK to make it very easy for a developer to check how their app will look and feel on diverse hardware platforms.”

XDK offers on-screen emulation, and lets you test apps remotely from anywhere in the world without requiring ad hoc builds or security certificates. The company says code from XDK can be placed in native apps ready for the Apple App Store, Android Market, and other app stores. 

“Its clear that HTML5 has become the unifying technology for the mobile space,” Abadir says. “However, creating great HTML5 apps requires great HTML5 tools and thats exactly what the XDK is. As a web app itself, the XDK can also be used to create the new breed of hybrid web apps that perform exactly like native apps, but do not require the approval or financial revenue share of the app stores.”

The XDK development tool is free, and is available now at the Google Chrome App Store