AppNexus Introduces Header Bidding Solution

  • Friday, August 5th, 2016
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appnexus logoAd tech company AppNexus has launched PreBid Enterprise, a comprehensive header bidding solution that aims to provide publishers with all the tools they need to monetise their inventory with transparency, flexibility and control.

The solution includes open source wrapper technology powered by Prebid.js, and integrates with demand sources includes AppNexus own supply-side platform, services and analytics.

“When we developed our open source wrapper – Prebid.js – our aim was to help publishers realise the best market price for their inventory by enabling them to work directly with multiple demand partners, sell inventory in a fair and transparent auction, and avoid the Google AdX tax,” said Pay McCarthy, senior vice president of product for AppNexus.

“Now, we have expanded our offering to include services that better support publishers individual needs and drive more efficient management of reporting, analytics and insights. With PreBid Enterprise, publishers get the transparency of a free and open source technology solution with the option to work with a team of experts trained to help drive business goals and provide ongoing support.”

Header bidding is becoming one of the new standards for publisher monetisation, and is rapidly growing in scale. For publishers who are unable to migrate their ad serving off Googles DoubleClick solution, header bidding opens up pipelines to additional demand sources that compete for every impression.

AppNexus launched its initial Prebid.js technology a year ago, and has seen over 200 publishers across 10,000 websites adopt it, with most publishers leveraging the AppNexus SSP as a header bidding demand source.

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