AppNexus Launches Fraud Free Ad Network

Brian OKelley, CEO and co-founder of AppNexus
Brian OKelley, CEO and co-founder of AppNexus

AppNexus annual New York summit has already seen the announcement of a new ad monitoring app from the ad tech company, and now the firm has unveiled a partnership aimed at guarantee a fraud-free environment for online ad inventory.

The firm is partnering with a number of other online ad players, including DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science and PubMatic, to develop a Certified Supply Program that classifies advertising inventory.

The program will be the first developed by a collection of industry leaders, and aims to create a standard for identifying the safest and most trusted inventory on the internet, as well as providing buyers with financial guarantees that the ads they are purchasing are generating valid impressions.

“Our mission at AppNexus is to create a better internet, and help to forge a responsible online advertising ecosystem is a fundamental part of that undertaking,” said Brian OKelley, CEO and co-founder of AppNexus. “Weve invested heavily in quality initiatives and the introduction of an open Certified Supply Program to create the most trusted supply on the Internet is a major leap in the right direction.

“Buyers should be informed about what theyre purchasing, and if theyre getting fraudulent inventory, or invalid supply, they shouldnt have to pay for it. Over time, we believe a clear and collaborative approach by industry leaders will discourage invalid supply altogether.”

The Certified Supply Program will use AppNexus proprietary technology, along with DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Sciences independent third-party verification technology to identify traffic. Inventory that is correctly represented with verifiable, human traffic will receive the Certified Supply label. Once the program enters into general release in Q2 2015, buyers will not have to pay for any purchased inventory for any fraudulent or mislabeled inventory that is detected.