AppNexus Launches Video Viewability Tools

Mobile-videoAd tech firm AppNexus has unveiled a new solution aimed at measuring and reporting video viewability for both instream and outstream inventory that will be made available to all its clients, free of charge, following a closed beta test with over a dozen of the companys clients.

“AppNexus is setting a high bar by bringing video viewability across our entire platform, which promotes greater transparency and inventory quality for buyers while rewarding publishers with high viewability rates,” said Eric Hoffert, senior vice president of video technology at AppNexus. “This latest development comes on the heels of our recent launch of anti-lacency technology, and is another key step in building a frictionless video marketplace.”

The AppNexus solution supports viewability for both first- and third-party hosted video creative, and accommodates the IAB definition of viewability, which stipulates that 50 per cent of the pixels must be in view for a minimum of two continuous seconds, along with any custom definitions that aim for a higher view time or require 100 per cent of pixels to be in view.

The viewability data will be available on all aggregated analytics reports via AppNexus DSP, console and publisher suites, as well as through the AppNexus Log Level Data feed, which enables marketers to examine viewability data on an impression-by-impression basis.

“AppNexus enabled us to quickly and effectively leverage our proprietary data, which is fueld by content, to identify and reach ideal consumers within video environments,” said Jay Budzik, chief technical officer of Twelvefold, one of the companies involved in the closed beta test of the new solution.

“Viewability support is a huge step forward for video buyers seeking to meet and exceed critical campaign goals, such as high video viewability and completion rates. AppNexus yielded double the viewability compared to other video solutions we tested.”