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AppNexus and Unruly launch industry's first outstream video header bidding solution

Tyrone Stewart

AppNexusAd tech company AppNexus and Unruly, a video ad tech company, have announced mutual support for an outstream video header bidding solution – the industry’s first – through prebid.js.

The solution enables publishers to auction outstream video inventory across desktop and mobile, while optimising revenue through direct transactions.

“Header bidding for outstream inventory is good for the video ecosystem,” said Eric Hoffert, SVP for video technology at AppNexus. “It drives the video liquidity marketers need, empowers publishers of all kinds with full visibility and control over the video monetization of their inventory, and offers an engaging, user friendly experience. This results in a virtuous cycle that powers a vibrant open video internet.”

Unruly’s outstream formats can be run on any publishing platform, and its players can run on desktop, mobile vertical video and in 360. Meanwhile, AppNexus’ outstream formats are designed for low latency, high impact desktop and mobile delivery. They support HTML5 and VPAID 2.0. Both Unruly’s and AppNexus’ units can be used together in real time auctions.

 “By combining the transparency of header bidding with user-friendly formats like outstream, publishers are able to tackle some of their biggest challenges head on,” said Kenneth Suh EVP for global business development at Unruly. “With the launch of the first open-source header bidding solution for outstream, publishers should feel confident that they’re providing the best user experience while maximizing their revenue potential.”