AppQuantum Publishing offers investments up to $1m for Mobile Game Developers

Will Taylor

International mobile game publisher AppQuantum has launched a new Business Acceleration Program for mobile free-to-play game developers, meaning they can now receive financial assistance up to $1m.

The program aims at the developers of casual or mid-core mobile free-to-play games. AppQuantum claims that its main goal is to achieve maximum synergy with the developer and an equivalent exchange in a partnership where everybody contributes to the final result.

AppQuantum is also striving to guide studios through the organisation process, sharing its expertise and taking over the needs in marketing, analytics, legal or services.

First investments started in 2021 and in 2022 have turned into a full-fledged investment program, including various forms of partnership. The company has reserved $10m for the first round of investments.

The Business Acceleration Program will give developers access to partnership options including; investment in the product, investment in the team, publishing and more.

Evgeny Maurus, Founder at AppQuantum said: "We always keep in touch with the studios that set ambitious goals, whether it is to enter the top 50 grossing casual games or start self-publishing. Our aim is to help them achieve these goals much faster. We support the development of their products with high-quality marketing and assist them with self-publishing and legal issues"