Apprupt Launches Tablet-only Web Ad Format

apprupt, which describes itself as “the premium performance network for mobile context advertising”, has developed a new advertising format which it says is exclusively designed for the internet experience via tablets.

Using apprupt’s TabletTouch Ad format, apps and other mobile products can be advertised on websites visited on an iPad or other tablet device.

Germany-based online sales house, Ströer Interactive, is the first company to implement the new format. In an initial test case with digital newspaper, Sächsische Zeitung, when the site is viewed on a tablet device, the TabletTouch Ad is integrated on the bottom right corner of the site. When the ad is clicked, it expands to show a cover flow, exposing relevant iPad apps and other promoted products. Ad size and positioning, as well as colour and the amount of promoted products within the cover flow, are all customizable and can be fully adapted to the publisher’s needs.

“Our cooperation with Ströer Interactive to launch the TabletTouch Ad clearly shows that our solutions are generating ever increasing amounts of interest among sales-houses and publishers,” says Jascha Samadi, managing director for marketing & sales at apprupt. “Our innovative solutions offer marketers, in particular, the possibility of considerably strengthening their own product and format portfolio, especially in the mobile field. With the new TabletTouch Ad solution, we can now provide advertisers with highly eye-catching, attractive environments for their ever-growing web traffic via tablet PCs.”