apprupt Solution Tracks App Downloads

apprupt, the performance marketing network for iPhone applications, has announced the launch of apprupt Performance Analytics for paid apps. This first free product of its performance marketing suite enables iPhone developers to measure and optimize the success and outcome of their mobile and online marketing campaigns by tracking exactly how many downloads of an app were generated via a specific link.
Up until now, there was no way for developers to gain insights or reports on their marketing activities across channels. Accordingly, optimizing and finding an individual overall marketing strategy has not been possible and developers have relied on clickthrough statistics and gut feeling, says apprupt Managing director, Kjell Fischer. With apprupt Performance Analytics, every iPhone developer can now track their marketing effectiveness and cost of customer acquisition to base their further strategy on verified data.
Since the service works with any kind of link, it provides useful information for any kind of developer, regardless of the marketing budget. Every developer engaging in promotional activities can use the service to find out which channels are working well and which are not.
While the performance tracking has been tested with a selected group of app developers, apprupt is now going into public beta with its analytics product. To use its tracking algorithm, developers integrate a tracking library into their app and update it in the Apple App Store. They can then create links via the apprupt platform and use them for their app marketing. For each individual link, apprupt delivers relevant performance statistics, like number of downloads and conversion rates. By earning revenue through affiliate fees from Apple, apprupt is able to provide the service free of charge.
apprupt Performance Analytics is our first step of a long-term product strategy, says Fischer. For the future, we plan to expand our product range around the topic of performance marketing for mobile apps. Together with and for developers, we want to create products that bring profitability and transparency to this still very young market.
Developers can sign up for the service here.