Apps, Made Sense of

Apps – theyre everywhere, and even your granny has used one. But getting your head around making them, getting them discovered, and making money out of them isnt quite so simple. With that in mind, we hosted our third Making Sense of webinar yesterday, focusing on those very questions.

First, Golden Gekko CCO Michael Eriksson gave us his 10 rules for leveraging the mobile channel with your app – including taking advantage of the ubiquity and personal value of the device, considering your choice of platform, and going mocial.

“People look on their mobile phone as the most personal thing in their lives. Thats where they store their photographs,” Eriksson said. “Its where they store their contacts, all their email, and so on. So its important to reset users integrity – never assume that they want to be open with you.”

Next, Paul Childs, CMO at Adfonic, explained how to earn money from your app. Childs explained the three methods of monetisation – selling paid-for apps, given out on a freemium business model, or free ad-funded apps – and the advantages, and disadvantages, of each model. It was ad-funded apps Childs was here to talk about, and for the rest of his slot, he explained the types of ads, and how to integrate them.

You can watch a recording of the webinar here.

Fiksus director of client services Jo Wightman explained how to drive downloads to your app, with 10 “super practices”, for both free and paid apps. She closed her presentation with a case study of Lemon, a receipt-management app which hit #2 in its category on iOS, and jumped over 50 places on Android, after just a week of working with Fiksu.

Finally, AD-X CMO David Fieldhouse completed our journey through an apps lifetime, with a presentation about tracking usage, and – since Apples recent deprecation of UDIDs – what other sources of data are available to developers.