Apps or Web? Er, How About Both

There’s a debate taking place right now at M-Publishing between Matt Millar, CEO of Live Talkback, and Joan Blaas, CEO of MobzMedia. Millar is arguing the case for mobile apps, Blaas for mobile websites. Millar has noted the better user experience offered by apps, able to tap in to all the phone’s capabilities, while Blaas has noted the difficulties presented by the multitude of platforms and app stores.

So far, neither of them has made what seems an obvious point that to fully address your market, you are probably going to want to consider both, but then, I guess that might have undermined the key debating point.

At the end of the debate, the live voting among delegates in the audience was 96:4 per cent in favour of mobile apps, though after a couple of questions from the floor, including the one alluded to above: “Surely it shouldnt be about apps or mobile web, but about a multichannel strategy that can embrace both,” the scores currently stand at 50:50.

Which just about says it all really.