AppsFlyer Reveals Ad Network Performance Figures

appsflyer network rankingsMobile ad measurement platform AppsFlyer has released the latest version of its Performance Index, rating the ability of the top mobile media sources for their ability to drive scalable, high-quality installs for mCommerce, travel and utility apps.

The three verticals were chosen because downloads are typically driven by customer intent, so lifetime value for those brought in by advertising is usually higher than average, making for more effective campaigns in the long term.

Twitter and Google shared the best customer retention results, with Twitter number one on Android and Google taking the top spot on iOS. Twitter also came number two on iOS, and Google came second place on Android, showing the two networks dominance when it comes to finding loyal users.

While Facebook ranked lower on retention, coming fourth on Android and third on iOS, its unrivaled scale and high number of installs meant that it placed top in the overall power rankings which weighed the two factors equally.

Lower down the power rankings, several Chinese networks demonstrated big leaps in terms of effectiveness, with Mobvista, Cheetah Mobile, AppFlood and Yeah Mobi all ascending up the rankings, and Mobvista taking second place on the Android power rankings.

“Its important to measure the performance of these ad networks so that app marketers can optimise their campaigns accordingly,” said Ran Avrahamy, head of marketing at AppsFlyer. “We chose to look at retention because it is such a crucial metric for so many app developers, and because typically it is a good indication of other KPIs like engagement and monetisation.

“By combining retention with scalability to determine the overall power rankings, we are able to provide app marketers with a good idea of what to expect from each advertising source.”