AppXperience Launches Ad Network for App Devs

AppXperience is an ad network created exclusively for in-app ads that lets developers recommend apps to their users, taking control of their own inventory.

Developers can create an app offer wall in-app, app of the day interstitials and other rich media offers helping users discover apps solely recommended by the creators of the app theyre using.

“Our goal is to address the general frustration that the current state of in-app marketing has created,” said co-founder and CEO Alexandra Palacci. “That’s frustration from developers, caused by a lack of clarity and trust in existing distribution and monetization solutions, frustration from users, annoyed by poor-quality and badly targeted ads, and frustration from Apple and Google who have had to get tough on solutions that place revenues above quality.”

Developers need to integrate one SDK into their apps to access seven types of ad formats, with a cloud-based back-office to enable campaign customisation and monitor results. Giving developers this control means intermediaries like affiliates and agencies are no longer needed, the company said, with developers in control of the date, price and targeting of their campaigns.