Apto introduces mobile app to make real estate brokerage easier

Web-based real estate brokerage platform Apto has launched an iOS mobile app that integrates with its desktop platform – in a bid to simplify brokers’ workflows and improve efficiency.

The Apto Mobile app includes task management features, the ability to update and create property records, take pictures of properties to add to records, and view contact and property records while in a call.

Tanner McGraw, CEO of Apto, told Mobile Marketing: “Instead of just taking our desktop functionality and building a mobile app that replicates it, we designed it from scratch to truly reflect how a broker works away from their desk. It takes advantage of technology that is specific to mobile devices — like speech-to-text and seamless call logging — to help brokers optimise their processes and improve their overall efficiency.”

The app is currently available in the US, with plans to eventually roll out in global markets. Apto says it is currently working on the Android version of the app, but does not yet ‘have an estimated release date for it’.