AQA 63336 Rebrands

AQA 63336, the SMS question and answer service, has changed its brand name to 63336 and the companys name to 63336 Limited.
The change of name builds on several years work which has seen increasing focus on the premium text number in all communications. The question and answer text service was initially launched as AQA (Any Question Answered). In 2007 the service became AQA 63336, and now it is simply 63336.
When we launched the worlds first text question and answer service in 2004, we focused on our abilities to answer any question, says CEO Colly Myers. Over time it became clear that the most important communication we could provide to our customers has been how to use the service, which is to text 63336. Coordinating everything to be 63336 will help customers remember what they need to do to ask a question.
The change of name coincides with a Christmas TV marketing campaign based around an ad called I am one of the 63336. The campaign, which breaks on 30 November, will run for three weeks and is designed to attract new customers, as well as encouraging existing customers to ask more questions.
63336 works through a combination of a database of stored questions and answers, and human researchers. The service is focused on providing fast, accurate, and high quality answers and has now answered over 20 million questions from 2.2 million customers. In March 2009, BBCs Watchdog declared that 63336 was the most accurate text question and answer service in the UK.
Texts to 63336 cost 98p in the UK. In Ireland, texts cost 1.50 and should be sent to 57275.