aql Offers Free Calls to Nokia Users

Telecoms and mobile messaging provider aql  is inviting Nokia E-series phone owners to sample free peer-to-peer wi-fi calling over its mobile VoIP network. With free connection and set-up, those taking advantage of the offer will be able to make wi-fi Internet calls from the same handset and mobile number as their existing GSM service. To connect to aql, Nokia E-series users simply need to text Nokia to aql shortcode 64446 and their phone will be configured automatically.
Free peer-to-peer wi-fi calling is being offered to anyone who has a Nokia E60, Nokia E61 or Nokia E70 handset, which are essentially GSM handsets with wireless Internet and Internet telephony capabilities. aqls network interacts directly with embedded software in the handsets to enable high-quality mobile calls to be made across the Internet.   
The outbound caller ID across wi-fi is the same as the subscribers existing GSM number, and whenever possible, calls are routed over wi-fi to reduce the customers call charges. Those who wish to extend the service in order to call GSM mobiles and landlines across wi-fi can purchase conventional call credit online or by texting Topup to 64446. Calls to GSM across wi-fi cost from as little as 8p a minute and calls to landlines from 1p a minute.
We are keen for all E-series users to text-in so that they can experience for themselves the quality of our mobile VoIP service, without the necessity of switching from their existing GSM provider says aql managing director, Dr Adam Beaumont. The free offer is simply intended to prove that wi-fi VoIP calling can deliver an excellent mobile service, with the ability to run alongside GSM for whenever callers are outside of a wireless hot spot.
aql has expertise in both Internet telephony and mobile messaging, and has over 3 million assigned UK geographic numbers available to choose online, with monthly service charges of  2 a month.  More information here.