Aquto Launches MoVE Zero Ads for Data Offering

Riley: “People are spending more and more time engaging with content on mobile devices”

US mobile marketing firm Aquto has launched its MoVE Zero mobile value exchange platform, which enables brands to reward consumers who engage with mobile advertising and content with additional mobile internet data, paid for by the advertiser. Advertisers using the MoVE Zero platform include Scharffen Berger (a Hersheys premium chocolate brand) and ZeptoLab, creator of the Cut the Rope app. MoVE Zero will be available to all AT&T post-paid and session-based smartphone and tablet users from March.

“People are spending more and more time engaging with content on mobile devices, approaching, and in some markets surpassing, the time spent with television or on their computers,” said Aquto CEO, Susie Kim Riley. “For advertisers, mobile is a huge opportunity, but the effectiveness of mobile campaigns still lags when compared to online. MoVE Zero helps advertisers get maximum value from their mobile campaigns by using mobile data to reward engagement and improve conversions.”

Mark Collins, SVP, voice and data products at AT&T Mobility, said the Sponsored Data program enables consumers to receive even more value from their mobile devices and spurs innovation in content delivery and engagement. “We are excited to work with visionaries like Aquto to spread the use of Sponsored Data to all players in the mobile value chain,” said Collins.