AR Boosts Direct Mail Response Rates by 34 Per Cent

Aurasma Whitepaper ImageAdding augmented reality elements to direct mail campaigns not only brings in a way to directly measure ROI for physical campaigns, it boosts the response rate from three per cent to 37 per cent.

That figure comes from a new eBook by Aurasma, Augmented Reality:  The Next Marketing Channel, which aims to provide marketers with an essential guide to this nascent technology which can bridge the divide between physical and digital.

With 98 per cent of marketers in agreement that digital and offline marketing efforts are merging, AR is the perfect method for doing so. It leverages the benefits of traditional and digital marketing in a whole new channel, making offline marketing interactive, engaging and measurable, while providing digital marketing with a connection to the physical world.

The eBook provides marketers with the guidance needed to create augmented reality campaigns, walking them through the benefits of using AR and providing real world examples from international brands that have embraced the power of this new channel.

The eBook is available to download for free here, and will help prepare marketers for a world where consumers expect the seamless flow from physical to mobile and digital that AR can create.