AR Works Launches Olympic Navigator

ARworks has launched the Augmented Reality Olympic Navigator, a new channel on the Junaio AR browser. The app enables users to see the venues for the 2012 London Olympics events, and also, cities that have previously hosted the Olympics.

With the app running, choose the content, raise your phone, turn around and you will see the date of all 26 previous Olympics, with details of the distance and direction of the cities from your current position. By clicking the floating icon of the city, you can read about the number of sports and participants at each of the Games, and if you want more information, you can click the Open Web menu to see the Wikipedia page of the selected Olympics.

If youre using the app in London, or actually in the Olympic Park, select the London menu point to check the exact locations of the event on your phone. And from May, app users will be able to follow the progress of Olympic Flame as it travels around the UK.

For brands, the Olympic Navigator channel enables any marketing information to be shown on the screen as a banner or as a virtual, 3D “advertising sculpture” linked to a GPS co-ordinate, anywhere in the world.

To get the app, download the free JUNAIO AR browser from Android Market or the App Store and search for Olympic Navigator.