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ARM Profile for Symbian Released

David Murphy

ARM and Symbian have released details of the ARM Profile for Symbian OS. As part of the recently-launched RealView Development Suite 4.0 Professional, the ARM Profiler enables developers of mobile phone applications running on Symbian OS to add enhanced features and reduce power consumption. Developers can quickly and accurately target their optimizations with immediate feedback on actual application performance and with the rapid identification of bottlenecks across a broad range of performance measurements, bringing their applications to market faster and with lower risk.
Consumers expect mobile phone applications to deliver advanced features, with the best possible performance and minimal power consumption, says Mike Whittingham, Vice President of Ecosystem Development at Symbian. Developers of complex mobile applications have come to expect the level of power management and performance optimization found within Symbian OS. The new ARM Profiler provides an analysis environment that enables developers to maximize the performance and power efficiency of their applications, on ARM technology-based mobile phones.
The capabilities of the ARM Profiler for Symbian OS build upon ARMs trusted profiling technology which enables non-intrusive, long duration application profiling on hardware or system models; code coverage information, even when source code is unavailable; and the ability to profile fully optimized software. New benefits for developers using the ARM Profiler include the ability to profile applications running on Symbian OS; profile-driven compilation for automatic code optimization, based on runtime performance; instruction trace replay for a deeper understanding of application performance.
ARM notes that many profiling tools require code annotation or system instrumentation, which do not provide an accurate representation of application performance or allow profiling capabilities only for very short durations due to buffer limitations. ARM Profiler surpasses these limitations with the ability to analyze fully optimized images, analyze for unlimited durations using the streaming trace feature in RealView Trace 2, and profile the instructions executing on the real time system models from ARM. In addition, the company says, with the capacity to analyze the applications running on Symbian OS, engineers can now obtain deeper insight into how applications are affected by system resources and shared libraries for a better understanding of how applications perform as part of a complex system.
ARM Profiler for Symbian OS is available now as part of the ARM RealView Development Suite 4.0 Professional. Theres more information here.