Asda Launches £99 Holiday Tablet

Supermarket chain Asda is entering the tablet computer market with a £99 model made by Arnova. The tablet, which is available exclusively at Asda, is powered by the Android 2.1 Éclair operating system – so a few generations back from the top line of tablet. 

Boasting an 8-inch screen, wi-fi, 4GB of memory, and a micro SDHC slot for extra storage, the Arnova tablet is being touted by the company as a holiday gadget for the summer, because it allows you to take eBooks, video, and music on your holidays, without packing your suitcase full of the real books or CDs. It has a web browser and built-in email client too.

Asda is claiming a 25-hour battery life when the tablet is used for listening to music. It is also compatible with some Android apps – but not with newer apps designed for the up-to-date Android 2.3 OS. 

Alex Crowe, technology expert at Asda says: “Its absolutely amazing what can be packed in to this fantastic Arnova tablet. Tonnes of books and music, email, internet browsing, games and much, much more – and it only weighs ounces. It really is the perfect holiday gadget, and at this fantastic price, it cant be beaten.”