Asda Launches its own Programmatic Ad Exchange

asda banner adsWalmart-owned supermarket Asda has begun selling unused advertising space on three of its websites using its own programmatic ad exchange which incorporates both its mobile and desktop sites.

The banner space will be available to brands in non-competing sectors, and Asda has described the move as its “first major step towards Asda becoming a credible media publisher”.

Banner space will be available on its Store Locator platform, the Asda Price Guarantee comparison site and Asda Direct, and the platform is likely to expand to its other online sites if it proves successful.

“By utilising Googles DFP premium ad service and Rubicon SSP weve managed to leverage the very best technology in the market whilst harnessing the experience of our parent Walmart, who is leading the way in the US,” said Nick Bamber, senior manager for marketing innovation & revenue for Asda. “Our programmatic solution has already got off to a flying start, in the first few hours alone we saw hotel chains and car manufacturers buying up our inventory.”

“In fact we sold around 200,000 ad impressions in no time at all, which bodes very well for the future. Small numbers for now, but this is our first baby step towards our accelerated digital monetisation strategy and a fundamental building block for our future growth.”