Asda Selects Eagle Eye for Digital Coupon Solution

Asda supermarketDigital consumer engagement firm Eagle Eye is set to bring its Air digital coupon platform to Asda, integrating it with the existing Asda-Walmart POS solutions within Asda stores.

The two-year deal sees Eagle Eye acting as a sub-contractor for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, and will see the UK company dealing with digital counting and reconciliation of own brand and supplier coupons at point of sale across Asdas infrastructure.

The solution aims to eliminate the existing requirement for the manual reconciliation of paper vouchers while also improving fraud prevention and operational efficiency, as well as enabling the real-time issuance and redemption of coupons and vouchers for Asda-specific campaigns.

“We are thrilled to have been selected by a company of Asdas quality to implement our platform,” said Phill Blundell, CEO of Eagle Eye. “This is a major endorsement of our partnership with Toshiba and Eagle Eyes innovative technology offering. We look forward to furthering our relationship and working closely with Asda and its suppliers.”