WATCH: Asics unveils world’s youngest exercise influencer team in new campaign

Asics has enlisted children as “Little Reminder” influencers in a new campaign aimed at getting adults to reminisce about a time when exercise was fun.

Featuring young influencers Henry, Hiba, Imuujin, Joash and Tillie, the campaign sees the kids take over the channels of major exercise influencers with their unique workouts.

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The campaign follows research by the brand which revealed 63% of adults admit the main reason they exercise is for physical gain, compared with 77% of children saying the main reason they exercise is for fun. 

The research also found that 77% of adults said they don’t look forward to exercising and see it as a chore, whereas 92% of children aged six to 11 said they enjoy exercise. 

Asics EMEA, EVP, Gary Raucher, said: “Children aged five to seven are at their peak activity levels, and their primary motivation to exercise is to feel good. Sadly, as we get older, the focus of exercise is all too often on physical gain and performance. So instead of exercise being a way to release pressure and help people feel better, the exercise world often adds to the pressure. We want to change that.

“At Asics, we believe in the positive impact of movement on the body and the mind. It’s why we’re called Asics, an acronym for the Latin ‘Anima Sana in Corpore Sano’ or ‘Sound Mind in a Sound Body. We hope that our new Little Reminder recruits can help remind us all of the real power of exercise and encourage us to move for our minds, not just our bodies.”