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ASO tips for dating apps

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Dave Bell, Co-founder and CEO of Gummicube, offers advice on App Store Optimization for dating apps. 

With a plethora of dating app options, it can be tough for developers nowadays to stand out in a seemingly saturated market. However, as with any product, differentiation is one of the key factors in having a winning strategy.

Regardless of the experience, whether a gamified swiping app or a chat-focused platform, dating apps of all types can benefit from ASO best practices. The following are just a handful of strategies that matchmaking developers can implement to increase their chances of attracting more users and standing out in search results. Read on to learn about some key elements the top-ranking dating apps have in common.

Title tags to guide users
It is important for dating apps to have a clear and compelling app title that accurately reflects the app's purpose and value proposition. With dating apps all having different structures and ways they help users find a partner, it can be tough for a user to pinpoint exactly which app to download at first glance. Following app title best practices is a great way to attract users immediately as they browse search results.

Title tags are a great way to highlight an app’s core features in a field that is among the first elements viewed by users. They can help attract users who are searching for a specific function or type of dating app by clearly defining what the in-app experience offers and who it is targeting.

*Bumble, Taimi, and BLK screenshots*

Bumble, Taimi, and BLK all implement specific terms that indicate the type of experience they are providing or demographic they are focusing on. By clearly expressing what their app offers through title tags, it can be easier for users of their target audience to relate to it quickly and keep it in mind before competitors.

This implementation of niche terms can also help the app to rank higher in search results for relevant keywords as more users click or even download because the app aligns with what they are searching for.

App creatives for differentiation
Another important element is app screenshots and preview videos. These can help to visually showcase the app's features and user interface and can also be used to highlight key differentiators that set the app apart from competitors.

For example, dating apps that have a unique matching algorithm can use screenshots and videos to demonstrate these elements to potential users, while other apps may want to highlight their emphasis on nurturing real life connections by showing chats or other standout characteristics.

*Tinder and Hinge screenshots with creatives*

The above screenshots clearly show how three popular dating apps use their screenshots to differentiate their product experience from one another. Where Tinder prioritizes its famous swiping function, Hinge focuses on positioning itself as an app that is “designed to be deleted”, emphasizing its intention of forming real connections.

The design of both app’s creatives also helps to illustrate the type of user experience they are targeting. Tinder incentivizes users to discover “who’s out there” by swiping with a screenshot of a user, giving a more casual perception of what the dating experience through the app is. Hinge, on the other hand, utilizes a campfire photo of two individuals in its screenshot and an in-app conversation with a voice note, giving the impression that the app intends to create a more intimate in-person dating experience.

Optimized app description to seal the deal
Dating apps can also optimize their listing by including detailed and accurate app descriptions that highlight key features and benefits, as well as list relevant keywords. The app description serves as a powerful tool for explaining the unique value proposition of each platform in-depth and helping users learn how the app works, subscription plans, target demographic, and more.

Using this field as an extension of other app fields can shed light on features that might only be briefly mentioned in the subtitle or screenshots, but further explained thanks to the description’s 4,000 character count. A user can then determine whether or not the app offers the type of dating experience they are looking for due to the in-depth information the description provides regarding each feature.

Developers can structure their description in a way that contributes not only downloads but to higher rankings as well. The use of keywords in a Google Play description is critical to the Play Store algorithm determining which terms are relevant to an app, so strategically including them in the sentences while explaining popular features is strongly recommended. And while the Apple App Store does not consider keywords in the description during indexation, it can still help if you include them for the user’s own reference and relatability.

Dating app ASO best practices
In summary, dating apps can optimize their App Store or Play Store listing by:

1. Implementing relevant app title tags to help establish relevance

2. Highlight key features and differentiators through their creatives

3. Including detailed and accurate app descriptions that help users understand the app more. 

With these three strategies dating apps can begin to stand out in search results that can seem overwhelming with countless platforms that users aren’t 100 per cent sure about what is offered.

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Dave Bell is Co-founder and CEO of Gummicube. Gummicube is a global leader in App Store Optimization with more than 12 years of experience optimizing and marketing apps. We offer the leading enterprise ASO technology and agency services, providing support to clients around the world. Our company is trusted by thousands of enterprise brands and leading startups including Microsoft, LinkedIn, Bethesda, SWEAT, GrubHub, McAfee and many others.