Aspect Launches Mobile-optimised Data Capture Site

Performance-based web marketing firm Aspect Web Media has launched a data capture site optimised for the mobile web at The URL redirects mobile traffic to the mobile-optimised version.

It will enable any company to use precisely targeted online surveys to generate qualified leads from smartphone users. The launch comes after recent research from OnDeviceResearch found that 22 per cent of mobile web users either never or infrequently use the desktop web, instead preferring to access the web via their phones. taps into this consumer segment by redirecting consumers to the mobile-optimised version of the site when it detects that they are coming in from a smartphone. The respondent then completes the survey via their phone – the results of which are validated live from the mobile site – and receives a free voucher or another incentive upon completion.

“The mobile site can be tailored to any product, for any market, and for any companys individual needs,” says Aspect Web Media managing director, Jonathan Erwin. “And its not just smartphones which can be reached in this way – the site can target any mobile device, whether it is a tablet or a standard mobile phone. By generating leads from smartphones, the site also significantly increases the amount of high-quality leads that can be generated for any one client.”