Aspiro Launches Mobile Loyalty Progamme for Tuborg

Aspiro Mobile Solutions has launched a mobile loyalty programme for Tuborg beer brand in Latvia. Consumers who send in a code from the back of the bottle label can collect gather points, which can later be exchanged for concert tickets.
Aspiro and Tuborg have generated 650,000 unique codes, which are printed on the labels of Tuborg beer bottles in Latvia.

Customers text in the code, and on first registration, receive a personalized GreenPass account, on which the collected points are stored. Each code gives one point, and when the customer has collected enough points, they can redeem them for a concert ticket at a local venue.

In addition to texting in points and checking their points balance, participants can also upload photos to their personal account via MMS. Customers who register for a GreenPass account can also download a free ringtone, Song 2 by Blur, which is the theme song of Tuborg’s ongoing TV, radio and online ad campaign.
Aspiro handles coupons, SMS, MMS, barcodes and a mobile site for Tuborg, and manages the Tuborg GreenPass account. The loyalty programme agreement, running until 2013, is valid for Latvia, but may also be expanded into additional countries.

“This is the first large coupon concept that we have launched, and this is a product area we believe has great potential going forward”, says Peter Tonstad, head of Aspiro Mobile Solutions. “The mobile phone has the unique combination of being our most personal communication tool, as well as being a terminal for payment. If there is one thing people never leave home without, it’s their mobile phone. This combination offers great potential for businesses to open a dialogue and create customer loyalty.”