Aspiro Partners with Telenor for TV Streaming Service

Nordic streaming company Aspiro has announced that it is expanding its partnership with Telenor to deliver video and TV streaming services to mobile devices. 

The agreement will first come into force in Norway, but the company says it will expand to other Nordic nations and beyond “further ahead”. 

The first phase will see the company provide new clients for iPhone and Android, followed by an app called Tippeliga which will stream Norwegian soccer footage to iOS and Android phones and tablets. 

The TV clients apps for iPhone and Android will be in the Apple App Store and Androind Market “soon” according to Aspiro, and will allow streaming over wi-fi. 

“Telenor previously launched mobile TV to a select number of terminals in cooperation with Aspiro,” says Sven Størmer Thaulow, CEO of Telenor-company Comoyo. “Now we are excited to reach all our customers using an Android or iPhone handset, and we are looking forward to doing this in cooperation with Aspiro.”

Erling Paulsen, Aspiros CEO, says: “There is no doubt that the appetite to watch TV on the go increases significantly when people get access to new mobile phones and tablets with larger screens and user friendly applications. We are pleased to see that that Telenor now chooses to increase its TV offerings, which is very much in line with our strategy going forward. Aspiro TV will become a complete provider of TV- and video-streaming services. We expect to see a sharp increase of user numbers in Norway as a result of this launch, as we have seen with previous launches on other markets.”

Aspiro has separately announced that it has experienced massive subscriber growth on its music-streaming service Aspiro Music. The services subscriber base has doubled to 200,000 in just four months.