Astute Offers Free Calls in Exchange for Ad Views

Indian company Asture Systems Technology has unveiled an app that rewards users for watching ads with free calls, apps, text messages, and other mobile services. 

The company, exhibiting at the Uplinq 2011 show in San Diego, has developed an ad-supported store front app, called Triple Play, that allows you to download content. Costs for apps and services are waived if the consumer watches an ad while content downloads in the background. 

The system can also supply free minutes in return for the consumer watching an ad. The number of minutes varies depending on what the ad client is offering. 

The companys director and co-founder, Jay Jain, says the company has a 14m-strong active subscriber base, and is targeting 30 – 40m subscribers by the end of this year. 

“We work on a pay per view model,” says Jain. “In India we charge 1-3 rupees (1-3p) per view. We are working with different countries and different models.” He says that in India, clients such as Nike have used the platform to advertise. 

The idea is that the app provides revenue streams across the mobile experience, whilst giving the consumer content and services for free. “We are monetising the minutes, video calls, mobile TV, we are monetising text messages, ringtones, even in-app ads. Its a much higher monetising system. If youre working on a CPM model, the revenue is very low. We are trying to monetise every step, and you can use it for any reason.”

According to Jain, the company operates with five operators in India, and four in Bangladesh. It is working with five US operators to implement the service, and three in Europe. “We are adding one or two operators around the world every month now,” he says.