ASUS Enters Wellness Market With the VivoWatch

David Murphy

ASUS VivoWatch_1All the buzz today may be around the Apple Watch, but that hasn’t stopped PC maker ASUS launching the VivoWatch, the first ASUS wearable designed with a focus on fitness and wellness.

It features built-in heart-rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and a ‘Happiness Index’ that shows overall well-being. It comes with a 10-day battery life, and an IP67 water-resistant watch case suitable for wearing in the shower. It works in tandem with the accompanying ASUS HiVivo smartphone app and ASUS Healthcare website to help wearers accomplish their personal fitness goals.

During exercise, ASUS VivoWatch provides continuous feedback about the effectiveness of the wearer's workout via an LED indicator. When the user reaches their aerobic heart rate zone, where they are burning calories, strengthening the heart and increasing stamina, the LED indicator turns green to let them know they are working out at the right intensity. If the level of intensity is too high, causing the wearer's heart rate to rise to the limit, the LED indicator turns red to warn them of over-exertion.

At night, the VivoWatch measures the user’s total sleep time, heart rate, and amount of motion. In the morning, the wearer can see how long they slept the previous night and how much of it was Comfort Sleep — a measurement of the most restful and rejuvenating sleep that is exclusive to ASUS VivoWatch.

"ASUS VivoWatch is our first exciting step into a world where users can access their fitness and wellness data at any time, and receive individually-tailored insights into healthier living,” said "ASUS is committed to innovation and is always at the forefront of industry trends, allowing us to create products that shape the future and make it better," said Joe Hsieh, ASUS corporate vice president and general manager. “In the near future, we will provide even more solutions that will change users’ conception of what fitness and wellness products can do."

The VivoWatch will be available in the UK next month from Amazon UK,, Watches of Switzerland, and selected Goldsmiths stores, priced at £119.99.