Atex Integrates InDesign into Tablet Publishing Tool

Software company Atex has announced that its Atex Tablet Publishing (ATP) soltion will integrate with InDesign from Q1 2012. 

The company says this development aims to streamline editorial workflow, helping newsroom staff address the demands of publishing for tablets. 

The InDesign integration gives designers full control of layout, offering an alternative to the template-based publishing workflow in Atex Tablet Publishing. “By combining the best of both worlds in one solution, it allows staff to publish tablet content using an efficient templated approach, while also creating selected sections, such as the front page and illustrations, through InDesign – all of which are then integrated into one publication in the ATP,” says the company in a release. 

The ATP is a HTML5-based solution that supports iPad and Android-based tablets. 

“This release represents a significant step in the evolution of our tablet publishing solution,” says Anders Weijnitz, VP of product management, Atex Web CMS. “By combining the benefits of both design and template driven tablet publishing, this new version will enable media companies to publish premium tablet products, transferring the values of a printed edition into the digital world of the tablet with minimal overhead in production time and cost.

“Media companies already have to do more with the same or fewer staff, so streamlining the production workflow to take advantage of new revenue streams from cross-channel publishing is critical. Atex is committed to delivering the best tools in the industry to support our customers in that effort and the ATP is a critical component in our digital strategy.”