Atly introduces Ask Around tool to enable influencers to gather and share recommendations from their followers

User-generated social mapping platform, Atly, has introduced its Ask Around tool, which allows influencers to seamlessly and swiftly gather recommendations for places and experiences from their followers on a map, enabling them to expand their pre-existing topic-based maps, and share these community insights with social media users. Atly notes that the process of gathering and sharing location-based recommendations from and with their followers is cumbersome.

Currently, to collect these insights, influencers are tasked with manually sifting through information shared via comments and DMs and then generating a resource – whether a social media post, story, or external blog post – where the information is relayed and converted into actionable insights. Instead, Ask Around automatically integrates location-based recommendations from social media users on an influencer’s map. An influencer shares a customized link, allowing followers to input their recommendations without exiting the app. These recommended places are then automatically collected on the influencer’s Atly map, rapidly expanding points of interest within the map and generating an additional tool in the influencer’s toolkit for sharing information.

“The traditional interaction between influencers and followers is missing the critical component of collaboration, so we decided to offer influencers a tool to collect recommendations from their followers in a new, simple, and efficient way,” said Uriel Maslansky, CEO and Co-Founder of Atly. “By introducing Ask Around, Atly is taking a leap forward in influencer engagement through social mapping, offering influencers and their followers a powerful tool that not only enhances their interaction but also generates more comprehensive maps than previously imaginable. We look forward to seeing the creative ways in which influencers and social media users will utilize this, and to continuing to harness the collective wisdom of the community, transforming it into actionable insights for people across the globe.”

“The Ask Around feature is hands down one of my favorite features of the Gluten Free Eats map. It makes it so easy to gather community knowledge!” said Lauren Murawski, the Instagram creator behind @eat.glutenfreewithme. “I love to use the feature when I travel, so that I have a list of options right when I arrive in a new city. Because who knows a city better than the people who live in it and eat there regularly? It’s the best way to find the best hidden gluten-free gems.”