AT&T 4G LTE connectivity is now optional on all Airstream travel vehicles

Thanks to an expanding partnership between AT&T and Airstream, 4G LTE connectivity will now be an optional upgrade to any Airstream travel trailers or touring coach vehicles. Currently, 2019 Airstream Classic travel trailers have built-in AT&T Wi-Fi capabilities, but with the announcement of Airstream Connected, the same technology will become available on models varying in year, size, and price.

The optional installation includes an external, high-gain roof-mounted antenna, mobile router, and an embedded GPS locator, but customers will still have to pay a monthly data plan. With the Airstream Connected mobile app, customers are able to control connectivity settings, contact Airstream technical support, and manage integrated arrival and departure checklists.

“Our owners view their Airstream as a home-away-from-home and connectivity is part of so many households today,” said Airstream president and CEO Bob Wheeler. “Solving for this in a mobile environment brings the flexibility to stay connected with family and friends, offers increased peace of mind, and provides the ability to work from anywhere. We’re thrilled to collaborate with AT&T to revolutionize the camping experience for every Airstream owner.”

“With IoT connectivity, we’re making it easier for people to stay connected and bring the conveniences of home to just about anywhere,” said Chris Penrose, president, IoT Solutions, AT&T. “Recreational vehicles are the next frontier for connected vehicles, bringing with them a whole new audience. We’re pleased to continue our exclusive relationship to provide connectivity for the most iconic RV manufacturer.”