AT&T switches on 5G for customers in 10 cities

Tyrone Stewart

AT&T switches on 5G for customers in 10 cities
AT&T has finally gone live with 5G for customers in 10 markets across the US, including Birmingham, Alabama; Indianapolis; Los Angeles; Milwaukee; Pittsburgh; Providence, Rhode Island; Rochester, New York; San Diego; San Francisco; and San Jose, California.

With the introduction of its consumer 5G service in these cities, AT&T now offers both low-band and high-band 5G. Low-band 5G is aimed at mobile customers, while high-band 5G – or 5G+ – is for businesses to use in high-traffic areas such as arenas, stadiums, and campuses.  AT&T currently offers 5G+ in 23 cities across the US.

AT&T is aiming to expand its 5G service out to Boston; Bridgeport, Connecticut; Buffalo, New York; Las Vegas; Louisville, Kentucky; New York City; and other markets in the first half of 2020

“We believe 5G technology will be game-changing, and we continue to help drive this next wave of innovation,” said Scott Mair, president of AT&T technology operations. “We were the first in the US to offer commercial mobile 5G, and this is the next step as we build to nationwide service in the first half of 2020.”

Of course, in order to use 5G, most people will need to purchase a new smartphone with the 5G capability. To address this, AT&T has begun sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G across the US. People who buy the device on a qualifying device instalment plan, unlimited plan, and trade in could see the price of the device drop as low as $350.

“With the launch of AT&T 5G for consumers, we’re bringing our customers new and innovative ways to connect with each other, their entertainment and their communities,” said Kevin Petersen, senior vice president at AT&T mobility. “Today’s launch sets the stage for the development of new and immersive experiences as we prepare to deliver AT&T 5G nationwide in the coming months.”