AT&T commits to AppNexus for programmatic

AT&T Communications is consolidating its programmatic advertising spend on the open exchange through its ad business, Xandr. The move will see AT&T’s programmatic spend, amounting to tens of millions of dollars a year, moving to Xandr’s DSP, the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP). AT&T acquired AppNexus last year for $1.6bn, but before this move, had been channelling its spend through a number of different platforms.

Using AppNexus’s technology and engineering teams, Xandr is developing next-generation TV planning, campaign management, and measurement capabilities. As part of this consolidation to AppNexus, AT&T Communications said it will be a first-mover on new capabilities, helping to drive efficiency of marketing spend and better engage consumers across channels.

“As one of the largest advertisers in the US, we are excited to scale our spend with AppNexus as Xandr re-imagines the future of advertising and customer engagement,” said Fiona Carter, chief brand officer for AT&T. “Placing our advertising in premium, measurable, targetable and brand-safe environments is essential to our brand-building and performance marketing efforts.”

AppNexus president Michael Rubenstein said the fact that AT&T, one of America’s largest advertisers, has decided to shift and quickly scale their spend on its platform was a testament to AppNexus’ long-term investments in its demand-side technology and the tangible value it creates for buyers.

“AT&T will now serve as a case study for premium brands seeking intelligent and customized campaigns that resonate with consumers,” Rubenstein said.
AppNexus’s APP enables direct access to its marketplace, with premium, brand-safe inventory across channels, including video and Connected TV, and all major and emerging formats, including native. APP allows buyers significant flexibility in supply management, supporting transactions via both open exchange and private marketplace. AT&T will use the platform to buy from premium digital video publishers, as well as premium display, mobile, and native publishers, including through private marketplace transactions.