AT&T unveils branded calling with TransUnion

AT&T has partnered with TransUnion to display brand names and logos for outgoing business calls in a bid to add an extra layer of trust and authentication for customers.

As a result, the companies have launched two industry-first features allowing brand logos and verification without a third-party app having to be installed.

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According to the mobile service provider, on Android devices, the branded logo will appear when the phone rings and also on the call details page after the call is missed.

Whereas on other operating systems, the branded logo will appear if the phone is unlocked or facial recognition is engaged.

The service hopes to solve issues around unwanted calls and fraud, as it was reported that 73% of respondents avoid calls from unknown numbers, assuming they are robocalls or sales pitches.

Some 76% added that they would be more willing to answer calls from businesses displaying their name and logo.

AT&T Senior Vice President Erin Scarborough said: “We’re obsessed with giving our customers secure and trusted calls, so we’re excited to work with TransUnion for a richer, more helpful visual experience.

“Since we use STIR/SHAKEN verification, our customers will be able to connect with greater confidence to the brands they may want or need to connect with.”

TransUnion Senior Vice President and General Manager James Garvert added: “The delivery of Branded Call Display logos represents the culmination of years of collaboration between AT&T and Neustar, now part of TransUnion.

“We have delivered Caller ID for landlines, evolved to the first generation of branded calling, and now we’ve set the stage for Branded Calls Display logos. This is helping restore trust in the phone to protect enterprises and consumers alike.”