Audi Launches Fourth Urban Future Award for Smart Cities

Audi Santa Fe
Mexico City, taken by Audi

Audi’s Urban Future Award is back and is for the first time calling on multidisciplinary teams to design the mobility revolution in Berlin, Boston, Mexico City and Seoul.

Teams of architects, urban planners, natural scientists, humanists, data specialists and product designers are tasked with collaborating around swarm intelligence, biomimicry, crowd sourcing, gamification and computer simulation solutions to redesign urban planning.

Audi has set four key themes for teams to explore: whether the boundaries between mobility and immobility are disappearing; whether reality and virtuality are merging; that individuality and collectivity are not mutually exclusive; that sustainability and progress are not contradictory.

In October the prototypes will be judged and four winning teams will be given €100,000 to work on their concept. “The mobility revolution is the great field of opportunity for the 21st century,” said Rupert Stadler, CEO of Audi AG on the launch of the latest awards.