Audi Revs Up A3 AR App


Audi UK has created its latest iPad app and cross-media campaign for the launch of the new A3.

Users can experience the interior of the car while sitting comfortably in their living room with the help of a 360° visualiser, which makes use of the iPads native gyroscope function. The app also featurers an interactive model, which can be viewed in the full range of colours, technical specifications, location-based functionality for Audi showrooms, and the ability to request a test drive or brochure.

If you havent already got your coat on and headed for the nearest Audi centre, the on your drive’ Augmented Reality feature lets you see how the car might look on your driveway. 

Somo, who built the app, has also created a rich media ad which delivers the same ‘inside the A3’ visualiser function built in to Audis mobile ad. The release of the app coincides with a cross-media push, promoting the car in print, outdoor and online. 

“It was essential that we enabled our fans, customers and prospects to experience the new model without having to rely upon going into a centre,” said Hugh Fletcher, Audi’s national digital manager. “Using this new app they can sit in their current car, and overlay the new A3 interior to explore and understand its brilliant new features as well as visualising the A3 on their drives.”