Augmented Reality Comes to the Super Bowl

When the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers take the field at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas for this years Super Bowl later today, fans will be able to enrich their experience with Augmented Reality (AR) extras, courtesy of USA TODAY and the junaio AR browser.

The Friday, 4 February edition of USA TODAY came with a 360-degree tour of the Dallas Cowboys stadium, presented by Jerry Jones, stadium and Cowboys owner, along with interior and exterior highlights. The Monday, 7 February edition will give readers a 3D view of the ‘Play of the Game’ in an animated sequence, with an option to receive player stats. Both AR experiences are being sponsored by Pepsi and Papa Johns.

The Stadium Tour gives the user a 360-degree view of the stadium as he/she moves the camera around his own position. By clicking on the screen, the user can jump to the players’ entrance or the changing rooms.

The ‘Play of the Game’ feature in tomorrow’s edition of the newspaper will enable users to view the players’ moves from different angle by adjusting the position of their phone, relative to the picture in the newspaper.

“This cooperation between USA TODAY and junaio is another great example of our vision of the Augmented City and how AugmentedRreality is able to bring additional value to everyday life,” says junaio developer, Peter Meier.

There’s more information in a video here.