Blue Hat opens its first AR learning centre for children in China

The Chinese flagBlue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology, which produces, develops and operates augmented reality (AR) interactive entertainment games and toys in China, has opened its first play-based learning centre in the country, featuring the companys AR games and educational content.

The play-based learning centre, in Xiamen, aims to provide an immersive learning experience for children aged one through seven, focused on the subjects of health, language, social emotional skills, science, and art. The courses offered in the play-based learning centre focus on developing childrens skills in eight areas, including motor skills; cognitive skills; concentration and memorization; creativity and imagination; social and emotional skills; leadership; teamwork; and understanding rules and solving problems.

“We are very excited to open our first AR play-based learning centre,” said Blue Hat CEO, Xiaodong Chen. “We believe our AR technology leads the trend in early childhood education, as the tools and content we develop enrich childrens learning processes with immersive, real-life experiences. Our goal is to cultivate a fun environment, guided by our teachers, that enables young learners to explore their interests as well as develop core skills for school.”