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Aunt Bessie's celebrates the Sunday roast with latest social campaign

Tyrone Stewart

Aunt Bessie’s has launched a social campaign that celebrates one of the UK’s favourite dishes, the Sunday roast.

The ‘Time to Roast’ push, as part of Aunt Bessie’s ‘Caring is the hardest thing we do’ campaign, features a series of films featuring actor Angela Griffin, First Dates star and NHS paramedic Laura Tott, and TV and radio presenter Vick Hope. Each film shows the women preparing their own Sunday roast and sharing stories about what the dish means to them.

“The joy of a Sunday roast is that everyone does it that little bit differently. Enjoying time together is something we all have in common, but it’s our differences that make that time (and our roasts) special. This campaign highlights how the delicious simplicity and reliable quality of Aunt Bessie’s gives people the extra time they need to make their regular roast a real moment of care,” sad Jonathan Wright, Brand Comms Manager at Aunt Bessie’s.

The campaign – which is running on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest – was developed in partnership with creative agency Elvis and PR agency Cirkle.