Auntie Annes Launches Mobile Loyalty App

pretzel completePretzel company Auntie Annes has launched a loyalty program and app with the aim of engaging its customers and encouraging purchases.

The app, named My Pretzel Perks, acts as a hub for the loyalty program, including three tiers of loyalty that reward consumers with points which can be redeemed for free food, discounts and merchandise.

The app will also play an integral role in how Auntie Annes will distribute and segment coupons and offers, by using purchase behaviour to segment offers towards different groups of consumers. The company trialled mobile couponing in 2012 in partnership with Coca Cola, using back-end technology and analytics from Sparkfly and Millennial Media.

“Were hoping to take the data that were learning from this with the national rollout and begin creating custom offers,” said Heather Neary, chief marketing officer at Auntie Annes. “We also would love to do this to better engage with our heavy influencers and our loyal users to help us develop future menu items.”

The My Pretzel Perks program is live in 80 per cent of the companys 1,000 US locations, and will be rolled out in the remaining branches this month. The app has been tested in branches in Chicago and Long Island, New York since the fourth quarter of last year.