Aurasma Puts on a Virtual Gig

Aurasma is helping Island Records sell its first single via AR. Watchtower, by Devlin and Ed Sheeran, is being promoted on 2,000 AR-enabled posters around the country. 

By scanning a poster with the Aurasma app, consumers can trigger the singles music video – what the companies are somewhat optimistically calling a virtual gig – and click through to purchase the track, ahead of general release on 19 August.

“This year we’ve seen digital music overtake physical formats for the first time,” says Island Records marketing manager Natasha Mann, “and we can only see that trend continuing. Moving into AR with Aurasma is a logical step, and one which we feel has real growth potential.”

Aurasma has also helped men’s magazine GQ bring AR content to every single print advert in its September issue. The content on offer, accessed using the GQ Live! app, includes 3D models of products, behind-the-scenes videos and even direct mCommerce functionality. You can see a video of the AR-enabled issue below.