Auriemme Launches Mobile Payments Report

The Auriemma Consulting Group has launched its Mobile Payments Report market research service. Tracking consumer usage, penetration, and attitudes towards mobile across more than 50 measures, reports will be released on a quarterly basis.

“Mobile is one of the most talked-about channels in the consumer cards and payments space, and for good reason – it represents the most exciting opportunity in the industry for growth, engagement, and differentiation,” says Mark Jackson, director at Auriemma. “As a new channel, it is a blank canvas which enables providers to innovate for the consumer and demonstrate their relevance to the consumer’s lifestyle. Therefore, it is not only commercially attractive, but also strategically important.”

With strong market share competition in the mPayments space expected from non-traditional issuers such as Google and PayPal, according to Auriemma, the Mobile Payments Report can function as an industry-level benchmark helping monitor best practice and consumer insight.