Australian Government Launches Inquiry into App Market

Australia’s Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Panel has launched an inquiry into the mobile market in the country.

Set up by the Australian Treasury, it will gather experiences of consumers using apps and making in-app purchases to ensure consumers are adequately informed and protected in this new market.

The panel will examine how mobile content is used by children and the extent of parental controls, how costs and charges are outlined by app developers, legal protections for consumers and the existence of opt-out measures.

It will also try to outline actions that can be taken by consumers, industry and governments to help improve consumer experiences when making in-app purchases, including international approaches.

At the IAB UKs Introduction to Privacy last month, Marta Costas, from the IABs Mobile Regulatory Affairs team, urged advertisers to get behind self-regulation before governments come in and decide for the industry.

In Australia, at least, it appears that mobile consumer protection has hit the top of the Governments list before that of the industry.